Feeling Stuck in Your Second Act? Business Help is Available and Easy to Find

Starting a new venture in your second act?

Wanting to start a new business in your second act? Why not? You have a lot of years left to live and great wisdom and life experience to devote to a new career, one that brings you joy.

Sometimes, however, it is not easy to navigate the process of turning a great idea into a successful business. Some of us become frozen and don’t know how to move forward. That’s when it might be time to find a mentor or hire a professional who can help you overcome your obstacles, whatever they may be. You may need help with a technical or a business matter, or you may need help becoming unstuck.

What’s a life coach?

A life coach can help get to the core of what is most important for you to realize your solopreneurship successfully. They help to remove obstacles and realize your best self. Debi Talbert is a great example of someone who coaches in a professional and approachable way. In addition, she is especially good for the 50Plus age group because she is a member herself.

How about hypnotherapy?

Another type of coach might be a hypnosis and hypnotherapy expert. Hypnotherapy uses relaxation and verbal repetitive exercises and mental images to encourage a changed state of awareness. Often the result is improved focus and concentration.

These progressive professionals offer exercises that help provide relief to stress and anxiety. Once you have these situations under control, you can move forward much more easily and with confidence. We recommend Valerie Grimes as an extremely accomplished and experienced hypnotherapist who helps business owners get unstuck.

Other resources for solopreneurs

If you are looking for specific business solutions, you might find these two resources helpful.


SCORE offers free help for business owners. Enter your zip code and complete the mentoring request to get paired with a local business expert. SCORE mentors know what it’s like to be a small business owner. This community consists of experienced entrepreneurs, corporate managers, and executives who are eager to help you start and grow your business. Many are in the 50Plus age group and/or enjoying their second act, so they can relate well to what you are trying to do. You can enjoy their various programs and services online or in person.

U.S Small Business Administration

The U.S. SBA provides free support for business owners to help start and manage your business. With district offices located in each state and an extensive website loaded with information, you will no doubt find the help you need. In addition, this government agency offers specialized centers to help women and veterans acquire business training and funding. 

The bottom line

Everyone needs help and support to realize success in your new business. Don’t be afraid to ask! Instead of feeling stuck, reach out to the available life coaches, hypnotists and government agencies, etc for help. These services are particularly helpful to those in their second act (or third or fourth)!


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