Helpful Tips To Add/Find a Business Listing

With our FREE Global Resource, readers can search the 50Plus Directory based on location, keyword, or one of the many categories available. Add your event today for FREE exposure!


  • You must first choose your package and create an account to login to the website to add a business listing.
  • Click on GET LISTED TODAY on the top horizontal menu (right side) or GET LISTED TODAY (center of home page) to go to the page to add a business listing 
  •  Once there, choose your package.
  • Add your LISTING DETAILS: (you will be asked pay for the listing prior to publishing the listing)
    TITLE: Give your event an interesting title that helps people know what it’s all about
    TAGLINE:  Write something catchy!
    DESCRIPTION: Briefly describe your event. Add keywords to the description people generally use to search for you! Don’t forget to include your name if you are the business owner.
    LOGO: (optional) A logo is a good idea, but if it doesn’t look good in the circular area on the bottom left of the cover image, add it to the gallery images instead.
    COVER IMAGE: Make sure you use a horizontal image – and it is easier to center if it does not contain text. If you are adding text, leave a healthy margin at both the top and bottom of your graphic (about an inch) so the important text does not get cut off. The image should be approximately 1024 x 400, however the program sometimes has a mind of it’s own.  Do not add flyers, square or vertical images here. Let us know if you need help – we are happy to create a cover image that works for you!
    GALLERY IMAGES: (optional) This is a great place to add your headshot, flyers, photos of events, etc
    CONTACT INFO: Add your phone number (optional), website (optional) and/or email (required)
    SOCIAL MEDIA: (optional) Click the link, then scroll down to find the social media venues you want to include. Add the full links to go with each.
    WORK HOURS: Add your work hours for each day of the week. Change the time zone if you like. Currently the default time zone is for U.S. Central Time
    LOCATION: You can add a specific address here if you like, or just a city and state.
    CATEGORY AND SUBCATEGORY:(optional) Use the dropdown menus to view the categories and subcategories from which to choose. Unfortunately, you can choose only one of each, but you can add other important information in the description so your listing will come up in a search.
    BUSINESS MODE: Indicate if your company is a virtual or physical business (or both!)
    VIDEO: Add your url to your video if you have a gold or platinum membership
    ADDITIONAL DETAILS (optional) such as free parking or if credit cards or coupons are accepted
    PRICE RANGE: (optional) Add your price point if you like
    EVENT (optional) if you posted an event, search the drop down to find it to connect it to your listing.FIND A BUSINESS LISTING
  • Go to Find a Business  (Top Menu). Choose ALL LISTINGS or select a category of interest
  • Search by FILTER: Choose Filters on the top of the left column, then add a keyword, date or location (city,state) to search. You can also filter by on-line vs. physical events.
  • Search by CATEGORIES: Not sure what you are looking for? Click Categories on the top of the left column to display the list of categories. Choose which one interests you.
  • Click on any Resource Card to display full details


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