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Learning to Love– A Conscious Relationship Workshop

April 29, 2023 @ 9:00 am - 6:00 pm PDT

Transform relationship difficulties to a greater harmony and learn the skills to truly embody a committed, loving relationship.

Join us on April 29, 2023 in beautiful Santa Cruz, for a day of learning to love from true pioneers in conscious relationship mentorship!

We are grateful to extend an invite to a rare and beautiful experience with Don and Martha Rosenthal. Don and Martha have been in relationship for over 50 years and have cultivated strategies for uncovering unconscious stories and beliefs we tend to project on our relationships and partner. They support us in integrating these old, worn patterns to bring a deeper sense of truth and love– we see it as conscious-love. Together they have written two books, Learning to Love and the Uncharted Journey, both of which have been catalysts of immense growth in our relationship and individual lives.

To learn more about Don and Martha please visit–https://www.awakeningtogether.com

About the Workshop– We will gather on 2.5 acres in the beautiful area of the upper west side in Santa Cruz. There is natural beauty surrounding the land with a year-round creek and lots of wildlife. We will spend the day together learning from true masters in the realm of love and committed relationships. Our day will begin at 9am and end at 6pm with a nice break in the middle of the day to eat, rest, and enjoy the outside elements. We will also be offering a cacao sharing circle, a guided meditation and a sound bath!

With limited availability of 12 spots in the circle, we will be welcoming folks on a first come, first serve basis. Please respond to this event via email if you are interested and we will schedule a call to go over details and reserve your spot in the circle. If you have friends that you would like to extend this invite to, please feel free to reach out directly. Don and Martha’s work together mostly supports committed relationships, but we are open to people joining us that are single at this time. We feel that this work supports us to understand our past, current, and even future relationships and gives us more conscious choice on how we can show up.

**Please Note– The workshop is for all couples, regardless of the state of their relationship. It does not matter whether a couple is in the throes of marital bliss or on the brink of divorce. All of us wish to move toward greater peace, and no condition is viewed as any “better” than another. Nor is there any assumption that partners “must” stay together. The work is equally useful to couples in difficulty and to those seeking to enhance and deepen a harmonious relationship.


–Group Sessions


–One-on-One Counseling


–Time in Nature


–Cacao Sharing

–Sound Bath


We are so grateful to share with you what we have felt to be a pivotal shift in our life and love together. With so much polarity in the field, what a gift to come together and learn how we can show up to ourselves, and all our relations. We hope you can join us!

**Please Note– To reserve your spot in the circle email windsongregenerative@gmail.com and we will schedule a time for a brief conversation and take steps from there.

A note from Don and Martha– In our Awakening Together weekend workshops we teach the practical application of our central vision (see The Heart of Relationship, above) to the everyday lives of couples. We employ a mixture of activities, including talks, group sessions, and one-to-one counseling. Real interactions are encouraged rather than abstract discussions. The core work is done by partners together, assisted by facilitators, with witness and support from other couples. A crucial point: our approach is not aimed at sorting out the content of any couple’s conflicts; what we teach is a way of communicating around all conflicts. We do, however, encourage partners to work with real issues that have emotional resonance in their lives; this is the best way to demonstrate that even the thorniest and most volatile conflicts can be worked with safely and productively.

​On the practical level, we teach very specific skills. Among them are:

–How to listen non-defensively to your partner (and possibly be heard yourself for the first time)

–How to communicate without antagonism around charged issues (sex, money, children, housework, etc.)

–How to create a safe environment in which painful feelings are acknowledged and accepted rather than judged

–How to ask your partner for change in a way that isn’t futile

A healthy balance is maintained throughout the weekend among the body, feelings, and intellect. Though work can be intense, there is also time to be silent, to take walks, or just relax. Some basic meditation practice is offered, both to foster calmness and to illustrate the importance of bringing awareness and compassion to our most difficult issues. There is ample time to practice communication techniques together, so that by the end each couple has had plenty of “hands-on” experience with their issues. Private help is offered throughout the weekend for those who desire it. Individual needs are respected; we try to keep away from rules or rigidity. Our goal is to provide a safe environment at every level.

About Don and Martha– Don and Martha began their 40-year journey together in Alaska, where they lived in a remote cabin and explored a quiet, contemplative life together. After a few years, they moved to the coast of California, where, confronted with the stresses of “the real world,” their relationship began to suffer.

​Determined not to lose each other, they committed to learning how to navigate their differences and develop lasting harmony. Eventually they set out on what has now become a 25 year career of counseling couples and individuals. Don received training in psychotherapy and began a career as a counselor. Martha studied mind/body/spirit connection with various teachers and developed a private healing practice. They raised a son, now grown, whom they home-schooled.

In 1989 Don and Martha moved to rural northern Vermont, and shortly thereafter began offering weekend workshops for couples. Through word-of-mouth these soon expanded to a wide circle, becoming the core of their work.

In addition, Martha leads meditation retreats for women and works with couples and individuals privately; Don offers consulting to individuals and couples, fundamentally as a form of spiritual guidance. Don and Martha view their own relationship, with all its trials and wonders, as the testing ground and measure of their teaching.

If you have any questions please email Alex–windsongregenerative@gmail.com

We hope to see you soon 🙂


Santa Cruz
Spring St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060 United States
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